Zte V5, new screen panel exposure


Zte’s recent new product gradually began to increase, in addition to the recently appeared in the history of Chinese international communication show “10” proof enlighten the public version of mobile phone, 64 new zte Q802D / 508 d, zte’s V5 brands will also bring a big, new, elements of this new product is likely to join the NBA, become a new generation of NBA custom zte mobile phones.

A picture by official channels open, new “leaked” the new part of the V5 cell phone information, is exposed by the new screen panel, you can see new continues the V5 features of circular design + point touch key, HOME button is circular, return and menu use points instead.The machine of the volume button and power button as well as generation respectively located in the left and right sides of the fuselage, positive profile similar to a generation of highly.

From the grip of speculation in the figure, the new V5 cell phones may have a bigger screen than a generation products, are likely to upgrade to 5.5 inches (red bull is 5 inches), it also conforms to the “big” the official said, in addition the machine screen frame does not seem to have reached the ultra narrow level, with wider black border around the screen.This article from MTK phone http://www.mtksj.com

Early message display, zte V5 upgrade version of the mobile phone may be formally in October and meet you, whether you are looking forward to the strenuous V5?

Zte V5, new