Zte V5 new captain is very like Lumia


Zte red bull renamed after the V5, release is close at hand, because of the generation of manufacturing a lot of action, since V5, new upcoming news appeared after got the attention of many people, a twitter spread out zte V5, new rendering, it seems that there is quite a salute to carnot remember the company series product.

Zte V5, new

Above referred to in the product is zte V5 forthcoming new model, and the company series products shape have in common, such as the square of the fuselage, slant at the bottom of the main camera, in the round box, etc., style has the very big difference with the previous generation products.Can identify is ZTE is ZTE LOGO of the back of the product and system interface, from aspects of the icon, the color is knowable carrying Nubia UI, another blue HOME button of the V5 generation also appear on the product.

In addition to the suspected V5, new appearance, as well as some new features have been publicly, zte V5 next-generation products is likely to use a 13000000 megapixel camera, support the OIS optical image stabilization, at the same time the most surprising is the machine seems will adopt Android L system.

Together on thisThe pictureCredibility is not high, announced on October will have the answer is true or false.

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