Zte to t-mobile push us edition ZMAX screen Mobile phone


news, yesterday, as America’s fourth largest smartphone maker, zte grand launch of zte’s cat was in New York American version – ZMAX screen Mobile phone, and announced that since September 24, the product by t-mobile exclusive distribution.

Learned, originating from the domestic cat was Grand SII ZMAX, not only is the first in North America to support 700 MB of low-frequency LTE band, and through the TMO strict parameters model, is also our first by TMO secondary waterproof screen mobile phone, ZMAX or zte mobile phone with the shortest development cycle from formal mould to TA in six months.More it is worth mentioning that with the NBA Houston rockets last week, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter visited zte, this product as a gift given, are very popular with guests.

“High performance, high quality, LTE smartphone” cat was the United States is the edition ZMAX label.Its appearance is unique, with a 5.7 -inch high-definition screen, not only on mobile phone appearance design, zte also adopted square square, smooth surface, half back grind arenaceous black coating, the design method of bring domestic mobile phone brand new definition;On the operating system, ZMAX Android Kitkat 4.4, and built-in high-pass quad-core processors, dolby digital audio, 16 gb, large memory capacity, insert the micro SD card can also will be expanded to 32 gb of memory.To t-mobile and in order to provide more and better choice, ZMAX also used the 3400 mah large capacity battery, it is one of the highest battery capacity on the market of Mobile phone, under normal use, an average of two days to charge.

“The cat was the American version ZMAX is zte company adhere to the idea of take the customer as the center to launch a product, is one of the best models in zte’s current user experience in North America. It has a longer battery life, a larger screen operation, more unique style, under the same price for the customer to provide more value medical.”Zte, senior vice President, zte terminal north American CEO Mr. Cheng said.

It is understood that since September 24, zte ZMAX domestic Mobile phone will be in t-mobile offline online sale at the same time, the t-mobile Marketing Department, senior vice President Jason Young also said: “ZMAX above can be said to be ‘and’ product, that is to say, it used the technology unique and fashionable appearance, but the price is only a third of the mainstream brand Mobile phone prices, we believe ZMAX phones will not carriers for t-mobile business, at the same time, we also very happy to see ZMAX cell phone into the t-mobile network.”

In another development, zte mobile phones in North America during the first half of 2014 to maintain rapid growth, the second quarter, zte in North America, with 7.4% of the market share to become a second in the prepaid market, overall share in the fourth.Zte mobile target for 2014 sales of 60 million units, of which the overseas target ship 40 million units, the north American market sales than expected.

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