YOTA3 Double-sided Mobile Phone Won the iF Design Award in 2018


Known as the “design academy” in Germany, the iF design award  recently announced the winners of the 2018 design awards, and the YOTA3 double-screen mobile phone stands out among more than 6,400 entries in 54 countries around the world, winning the iF design award.

Due to the innovative concept of “one mobile phone, one side of the paper”, YOTA is recognized by the iF judging panel of international independent experts, and is favored by 63 members of the selection committee. Te front face of YOTA3 double-sided screen mobile phone carries a 5.5 inches HD AMOLED screen, and a 5.2 -inch E – ink Carta II HD ink screen on the back. With the leading double-sided screen design, stacking and assembly process, the comfortable weight of 7.7mm slender body and 170g, the phone can be used to realize the enjoyment of double-sided screen and the light and thin experience of single screen.

YOTA3 double-sided mobile phone has not only high product identification, but also the ingenuity of ergonomics. Ink screen on the back panel initiative 2.5 D AG glare prevention, together with the color screen to realize double screen 2.5 D surface design. It brings a comfortable grip on both sides by the extreme round and smooth texture of the palm, the natural and soft curves of the front and back of the frame natural transition and warm and smooth integration.

The YOTA3 double-sided mobile phone is not just a common cell phone, its product connotation goes up to the “knowledge hardware” level. Based on no blue light anti glare screen ink, comparable paper book reading experience, content including 800,000 volumes of high-quality books from Ink books, Kindle, mi goo, palm reading, QQ reading, JD reading, the phone fully meets the new requirements of highly intellectual users for access to knowledge, knowledge management, and eye protection.

YOTA3 double-sided screen mobile phones has harvested “national gift”, “best science and technology innovation” award. This time, it won the world’s most important design awards – the iF design award, which marked the industry product innovation, design capabilities to be highly recognized. Let the user enjoy the extraordinary mobile reading experience, YOTA’s future knowledge hardware products are expected.


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