XIAOMI three new volley Inventory will soon release new smartphone


Recently, the mobile phone industry because XIAOMI suddenly announced new communication will be held on April 23 and suddenly become extremely busy, rumors XIAOMI day will launch XIAOMI 3S, XIAOMI flat and XIAOMI three new routes, followed by Huawei and nubia also expressed before and after this time there will be action. Previously, the coming months plus handset manufacturers have already announced a day to unlock the long-rumored handset plus a mystery. A time of surging, the air was filled with thick smoke flavor, April 23 this day has suddenly become very interesting. To help you better watch this show, I first take you to sort out what the near future there will be new mobile phones can be expected to pave the way done here first.

Lenovo in April 21st gold fighter release and Jingdong together
Lenovo will be released under eight nuclear mobile phone Association gold fighter S8 in this month 21 days, but the shape in the early release before it has been exposed to the network. This new machine Association released in the propaganda value more users reputation, in its official forum held a trial activities, many netizens have before release to got the golden warrior S8.

小米三新品齐发 盘点近期将发布的新机第1张图

And then the lenovo mobile phone music Fenjia official micro-blog released the April 21st conference invitation, invitation letter referred to the conference will be a golden warrior S8 mobile phone and Jingdong Association reached a strategic cooperation relationship, from which we can see that now the business channels for the major to mobile phone manufacturers, which also indicates that the Association gold fighter S8 is Lenovo’s a main business channel thousand yuan eight nuclear products.

小米三新品齐发 盘点近期将发布的新机第2张图

The same with the present stage most of the 1000 yuan eight core products, Lenovo golden warrior S8 will launch the standard edition and blessings of version two version, but the price than the relatively low price of 788 yuan, the Standard Version blessings edition price 988 yuan. The disposition aspect, Lenovo golden Gladiator S8 screen size of 5.3 inches, using OGS bonding technique. At the same time, the golden warrior S8 with 1.4GHz frequency MediaTek MT6592 really eight core processor, also has a 5000000 pixel camera and 13000000 pixel camera main, and support the dual card dual function, body thickness is only 7.9 mm.

In April 22nd the new Huawei honor or 4G version X1
XIAOMI administrative micro-blog yesterday (April 17th) morning news will be held on April 23rd XIAOMI new communication, Huawei quickly reacted, administrative micro-blog @ Huawei honor subsequently posted a new Huawei honor of publicity, and said the product to debut in April 22nd, the picture writing “explosion” of the text is clearly not fried XIAOMI mobile power supply according to the recent spread of explosion events.

4月22日华为荣耀新品 或为4G版X1_小米手机3S第1张图

It is unclear what specific Huawei when will release new products, but the publicity on the graph shows the honor logo shows that it is a honor to new products, at the same time, mobile phone profile broad hint that it will be a giant screen equipment. In addition, there are also many netizens to guess, it will be the honor of the 4G version of X1.

4月22日华为荣耀新品 或为4G版X1_小米手机3S第2张图

In the disposition aspect, Huawei honor X1 with 7 inch Full HD LTPS screen, a resolution of 1920 * 1200 pixel level; at the same time, it is also equipped with 1.6GHz quad core Kirin 910 processor, built-in 2GB RAM+16GB memory combination, front and rear mounted camera respectively is 5000000 pixel and the 13000000 pixel, and equipped with a 5000 MAH battery.
It is worth mentioning that, after Huawei on REDMI and XIAOMI MI3 launched the HONOR 3C and HONOR 3X two high Xingjiabi new, last month issued on the eve of Huawei still REDMI Note, first launched HONOR 3X playing version. The Huawei also rob XIAOMI 22 release the day before the launch of new products, the smell of gunpowder.

The April 23rd ONEPLUS mobile phone will not
The new mobile phone brand ONEPLUS conference last month has been officially released to the media, and before the exposure, ONEPLUS mobile phone will hold a conference in Beijing Wukesong MasterCard center in April 23rd. MasterCard center is Beijing gold corner at home, can accommodate people, the conference site in this is also means that will be a very spectacular conference? At present, also can make nothing of it.

4月23日一加手机 不将究_小米手机3S第1张图

Although there is no ONEPLUS mobile phone configuration message is very formal, but from repeated exposure of the message, ONEPLUS mobile phone will use the latest snapdragon processor 801, equipped with 5.5 inch Full HD screen, 13000000 pixel F2.0 Sony IMX214 lens aperture. But before the machine is not released, all is not finalized, but in ONEPLUS “NEVER SETTLE” attitude, in the hardware configuration is the pursuit of the highest positive, now most people look forward to is the ONEPLUS mobile phone appearance of what it is, so far there has been no reliable real exposure, or leave the suspense better.

4月23日一加手机 不将究_小米手机3S第2张图

About the price and the listing date, ONEPLUS officials have said in micro-blog mobile phone released soon after the sale will be listed in May, the time interval is very short. But the price is not a shot in the dark, or other official announced.

4月23日一加手机 不将究_小米手机3S第3张图

In April 23rd three new XIAOMI 3S/ tablet /MI V6
XIAOMI mobile phone ring, the most controversial and most rich topic of brand, almost every week there will be all kinds of news exposure as it related, and this for just three years of “recruits” is more like something to a “coup”. In Rice noodles Festival has just passed it in less than 10 days, XIAOMI was first announced the opening of the version of XIAOMI MI3 sales, recently revealed will launch in 23 of the message, but also more than one, this not by reminiscent of the recent multiple exposure XIAOMI, XIAOMI plate and 3S MIUI V6.

4月23日小米新品 3S/平板/MIUI V6_小米手机3S第1张图

In addition to date, on the invitation of three parts caused the author’s concern: 1, “the reason, contrary to expectation” words should be a hint of the product itself, probably before the exposure before, but in the configuration or appearance etc to guess is not the same as before; 2, communication before the meeting. The three “new”, perhaps this is implied in the release of more than 1 products, is likely to be 3; 3, the following pictures should be profile will release the new look, look a bit like a tablet computer. But the XIAOMI router precedent, nor from a picture wangjiacaice size and its application.
Now more and more are also belong to the speculation, say XIAOMI 3S and MIUI should be reliable or V6, last year because of the Rice noodles Festival launched XIAOMI 2S and MIUI V5, earlier this year also has news XIAOMI in late April with a new release. Of course, result how, have to wait until the 23 day to know, let’s rub one’s eyes and wait.

Nubia4 month 23 day activity or UI update
For the intelligent mobile phone market now, who seize the opportunity who is most likely to succeed, so sometimes we will see many manufacturers together and release the new situation, it is also a means of competition within the industry.
The next Wednesday, is also in April 23rd was a very busy day, not only the ultra-high popularity of a mobile phone will be released, XIOAMI will hold the new communication will launch three new. With the Huawei HONOR to join the war, Nubia also contain a mysterious letter of invitation, a April 23rd activities.

nubia4月23日活动 或UI更新_小米手机3S第1张图

From the Nubia status, if this really launch a new mobile phone, the new machine frequency is high, the Nubia last month launched a 6.4 inch Nubia X6 (he). But if it is not released a mobile phone? Previously have been Nubia to launch the push update old models of new UI, new machine and recently listed are also using the latest Nubia UI 2, so the author predicted the April 23rd Nubia will provide the latest Nubia UI 2 upgrade, this possibility is very large.

nubia4月23日活动 或UI更新_小米手机3S第2张图

Of course, all this is only speculation, real results only Nubia knows. So we are looking forward to April 23rd, when all the puzzles will be announced.



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