Xiaomi ‘ s IPO , and Yu Chengdong intimate photos of Lei Jun did the following reply

Having just returned from the World Internet Conference , Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun hanging bag are in Hawaii , and Qualcomm Snapdragon technology summit , and for doing ” a solidarity on the part of speech ” . He said Xiaomi 7 necessarily powered Snapdragon chip 845 , and millet artificial intelligence will embody the results of those activities . For the recent rumours that Xiaomi would next year ‘ s IPO matters , Lei Jun says that nothing special to say .

In millet – chips with the chips on the arrangements to be made , said Lei Jun , Xiaomi ‘ s self – developed chips will help better chip manufacturers cooperate with the roll – out of mobile phone do a good job .


Ding ‘ s dinner with Yu , who has to say ?

This year ‘ s World Internet Conference of ” Ding Lei meal ” , and Lei Jun , who heads Huawei ‘ s consumer business CEO Richard Yu of intimate photos . in response , netizens have been paying close attention to the two – to – head competition of the manufacturers have to say anything . in response , Lei Jun laugh , says the problem has anything to say about it . Actually this kind of expression of at least one intimate photos , Xiaomi is a very important principle : open cooperation . Hope to make friends , the enemy were not going to be a little bit .

Regarding this principle , Lei Jun , Xiaomi ‘ s first IoT conference for developers expressed this viewpoint . had announced the Xiaomi and Baidu , co – sponsored by the hard and soft integrated ‘ IoT + AI ‘ eco – system .

Xiaomi ‘ s IPO : nothing special to say

Recent media quoted foreign media , said Xiaomi is working with investment bank consultations about next year ‘ s IPO matters , seeking at least $ 50 billion of market capitalization . Furthermore , with regard to the listing of the issue , the investment bank suggested Hong Kong is more likely .

in response , Lei Jun , Netease said in an interview with the media and the like , this problem is nothing special to say .

Xiaomi ‘ s listing of the long – rumored , but Xiaomi has been denied . the only positive response is to host the 2016 Summer Davos Forum , Lei Jun , Xiaomi said in an interview made it clear that the implementation time of the IPO points approximately in the year 2025 , in the aftermath of a company ‘ s main efforts both in – store expansion and new product development .

Indeed , the 2015 – 2016 by OV , millet was the performance of the downturn : in cellphone sales , which fell precipitously ; shipments than expected ; and there is the problem ; the market – value accordingly . Suddenly , in the industry , ” Xiaomi mode were challenged in ” , ” on – line channel of a bottleneck ” and the like .

However , Lei Jun 2016 May took over the retaking of Xiaomi ‘ s research and development and supply chain management , will refocus on your phone . Lei Jun had publicly revealed himself after the takeover , the main work to realize the selling time , will make the delivery , and delicacy management , technological innovation , in order to find out problems and the like .

And , of course , the layout of the offline channels . Shenzhen flagship store of Xiaomi ‘ s first home was built in Xiaomi ‘ s home for two days has opened 228 home , this year more than 200 goals . distance 2019 1,000 Xiaomi is home to its target . with Lei Jun , is ” not in the shop , the shop is in the on – the – road . ”

In solving the above problem , has begun to rebound . Strategy Analytics released a 2017 second – quarter shipments and market share of global smartphone makers , Xiaomi shipped 2320 million , with a market share of 6 . 4 % ) and regained the world ‘ s top five . For this achievement , excitement of Zeng Lei Jun said the Xiaomi the only man in the sharp fall in sales after a successful reversal of handset vendors .

Moreover , in the third quarter of this year , according to IDC show Xiaomi again achieved year – over – year 102 . 6 percent growth , compared with a loss of market share of 3 . 7 % to 7.4 % . ” In today ‘ s such a large scale , also hold 100 per cent , this is the magic number . ” Lei Jun says .

Artificial intelligence : you have to respect users ‘ privacy

Concerning the requirement of 2 years industry hotspot of artificial intelligence , said Lei Jun , Xiaomi has entered more than 60 countries , first of all , by fully respecting user privacy . Over the past few years also put on a more national privacy protection survey , a highly protect user privacy .

Lei Jun said that Xiaomi has invested in terms of AI research for two years , and researchers have reached more than 600 . in September this year , Xiaomi released product , Xiaomi ‘ s AI bots . next – generation flagship product , Xiaomi 7 of artificial intelligence has 845 Snapdragon chip , but also embody the millet in artificial intelligence .

Actually , Lei Jun , interviewed by the media when it was revealed in all the world ‘ s biggest Internet companies are artificial intelligence , each scale of the Internet company , did a lot of artificial intelligence . Because to do this now , do not get left behind , you will be eliminated .

Lei Jun , Xiaomi in artificial – intelligence aspects have a natural advantage , namely , data : ” AI based on cloud computing and big data and algorithms to realize the transformation . Today the company AI we have advantages . have big data companies have very strong advantages , and this is millet in AI aspects may be the reason for the rise of . ”

self – developed chips : a better understanding of the core device

Xiaomi is the only episode 845 Snapdragon chip at mobile phone maker , Lei Jun also from Qualcomm ‘ s friendly : Qualcomm ‘ s Xiaomi is a very important partner .

But well – known , Xiaomi also have self – developed chips , will also soon before mediatek COO Shang Zhu Zu . For a wafer with chips with self – made arrangements of the issue , said Lei Jun , the smartphone ‘ s very competitive , almost all mobile phone manufacturers are focusing on a core investment has very important research and development resources , such as a battery , chip , screen , camera , etc . Xiaomi also in these aspects has devoted huge resources , but such devotion is to further understand the core device , and then put the phone to do better .

” Surging chip and chip companies publish very helpful cooperation . ” Lei Jun says .

about the fact that the Shang Zhu Zu added . Lei Jun says that all of its 20 years of experience in the Semiconductor Research and Development on millet is very important . Shang Zhu Zu and Xiaomi is primarily responsible for the implementation of a very important strategic : industrial investment . Xiaomi , currently established the 120 billion yuan is mainly invested in new materials and automation equipment . ” Xiaomi is the internet companies , part of the research and design of products is realized through the partners , therefore , hope that through these research and development fund to help pay for new partners to design the products . Hopefully , the next 10 years with its focus on the real economy , the real economy seriously do a good job . ” Lei Jun says .

in February this year , Xiaomi unveiled its first self – developed chip named ” surging S1 ” , one of the high – end , design goal was to realize mass production . Cui Yu ‘ an ( Xian )


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