Xiaomi ‘ s flagship phone to be brought to the United States : two operator points .

Huawei has had through sustained efforts , not only in the United States to test the waters of the partial models , and also U.S . operators such as ATT , Verizon entered into collaboration agreement , expected to be early in the series ‘ flagship Mate 10 official u.s . market .

whereas , according to bloomberg , Xiaomi is planning many years after its entry into the United States . The company ‘ s senior vice president Wang Xiang revealed Xiaomi plans in two years time , will push the premium phone market .

Currently , Xiaomi opening retail stores across the United States , a healthy alternative to the device , a thermostat , a vacuum cleaner and other equipment , is the accumulation of Xiaomi ‘ s brand image and reputation , and is introduced into the handset .

Wang says that the To differentiate themselves in the U.S . ‘ s major operators of norms , which is very time – consuming , so he plans to take two years , the US launched its own flagship phone .


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