XIAOMI REDMI phone genuine comparison


XIAOMI phone since birth , has been in the mobile phone industry to break the bottom line price . We know that the majority of small and medium- rooted Huaqiang North mobile phone manufacturers are basically followed MediaTek walk , almost all of them using the MTK program .
If you said before XIAOMI been using Qualcomm’s relatively high-end processors bias , REDMI MT program suddenly reached the market , these small brands really hit a surprise , especially compared to the price was the same configuration under almost all of the domestic mobile phone prices are still more than 1,000 yuan case , REDMI price 799 is really overkill . But at the same time , REDMI violent red , but also for many brands do not take the route for 30 years and focus on high imitation cottage manufacturers see a new direction. So we see in the market a variety of cottage high imitation version of REDMI. Due to grab authentic REDMI, we are ready to go to Taobao Amoy a REDMI spot , actually feel a real machine to pick money it is Haidilaozhen .
Finally , had resorted killer – ask the seller if you can brush XIAOMI of MIUI. After getting a negative answer to my sense of social responsibility very silently click Report . In order to give everyone fall into the trap of profiteers , we bought this on a REDMI real machine , and a high- imitation REDMI cottage . Now, we start to see how we in the end , to expose high imitation mask it !


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