Xiaomi Officially Exposed MIUI 10 had been Formally Established


Last night, Xiaomi’s MIUI team had a live broadcast. According to Huang Longzhong, MIUI 10 had been formally established and would meet with us this year if there was no accident. And there was no final confirmation that the name would be changed from MIUI 10 to MIUI X. As for the specific release time, the official did not give a positive response.

Recently, the stable version of MIUI 9 has been adapted to most Xiaomi models, and many users have upgraded to the stable version of MIUI 9. The push updates for 27 models have been completed, and many older models have been updated,too. As for the last batch of MIUI 9’s adaptation work, the Xiaomi officials in the live broadcast said that they would complete all the products before the Spring Festival, including the MI 2 and other models.


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