xiaomi MIX 2 run MUI 9 to eat Android 8.0 Oreo

Mi mobile phone has always been the synonym for price performance, the early price of the butcher strategy let millet quickly stand on the heel. Now, with the rapid development of the smart phone industry, millet has also made great progress in design and technology. A millet MIX last year marveled the whole world. And the full screen 2 millet MIX 2 is more attractive, becoming one of the most beautiful mobile phones at present.

小米MIX 2运行MUI 9 吃上安卓8.0奥利奥

And speaking of the system, how can the millet be backward for a fever? Millet MIUI Official Forum opened yesterday, invited rice noodles to participate in millet MIX 2 Android 8 internal test, and some experienced users have successfully upgraded the internal measurement system, and drying out the real picture. As you can see from the picture, the kernel of the MIUI9 7.12.18 experience version of the millet MIX2 runs is Android 8.

小米MIX 2运行MUI 9 吃上安卓8.0奥利奥

Android 8.0 Oreo has done a lot of optimization in performance power, speed and safety. As the leader of the home made ROM, MIUI has stepped into the Android 8 times, and it will certainly enhance its functionality. I believe that many have Rice noodles can’t wait to taste. But it is still in the beta stage, you shaoanwuzao, waiting for the next big area of beta.


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