xiaomi Max 3 exposure really dare to play! With 7 inch All Screen

All Screen design of 18:9 standard has already begun to spread, in the ultra high proportion of the screen under the condition of various manufacturers can be based on the original body size, so the larger screen size, but there is no more than 7 inches of All Screen mobile phone appeared, but now millet Max 3 seems to play a major the.

小米Max 3遭曝光 真敢玩!配7英寸全面屏

The two generation of millet Max is to stick to the big screen, according to the current broke the news, millet next generation Max 3 will continue to adhere to the position of the big screen, and this one is likely to bring a 7 inch full screen design, according to the current technology, is also unable to achieve ultimate border design “, so the body size is still large, in addition to post fingerprint recognition, and the color temperature of the flash rear dual camera.

小米Max 3遭曝光 真敢玩!配7英寸全面屏

In terms of configuration, according to Xiaomi Max 3, Qualcomm Snapdragon 630/660 mobile platform is equipped with a battery of 5500mAh, supporting fast charging 3 charging technology, and adding OTG technology to achieve reverse charging. It is expected to make its debut in February next year, with a price of 2000 yuan.


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