Xiaomi , Huawei , Samsung 7 P11 / S8 Who will first screen within the fingerprint mobile phone ?

mobile phone market this year . It was the first ” full screen ” campaign , although the full – screen format to a uniform definition of the mainstream machine have not be able to avoid the ” full screen ” three characters , seems to be a ” flagship night overnight in the spring , the thousand – million machine full – screen ” .

However , a comprehensive screen of arrival to the fingerprint unlocking had a chilling , since this is a turf war over the issue , and reached the height of the fusion , i.e . within the programme of fingerprint recognition or fingerprint identification ” hilltop ” and take it away from the front , back or side of the transfer .


FIG . 1

iPhone X before the publication of the full screen is not suspense , then fingerprint identification is the conjecture that waves , one of the most – anticipated screen within a fingerprint and failed to finish with more than 3 . insiders revealed : Apple encountered technical problems , and thus does not provide the lower screen fingerprint recognition function .

In view of the layout recognition over the years , launched the recognition stage of unlocking manner , Touch ID is an ID Face ” was substituted .


FIG . 2

Of course , Android machine in a comprehensive programme on the screen , and just accept counselling .

Note 8 Samsung , Huawei Mate 10 , Xiaomi MIX2 blockbuster series of full – screen , although the screens are stunning , but basic can judgment of all is the post – fingerprint identification .

In a 5T plus domestic conference , Liu Zuohu said full screen and facial recognition she deserved it more , and at the same time on the back of a cell phone as fingerprint developed a faster territory .

In the full – screen era , Apple ‘ s more confident using a single means of identification , Face ID , global cell phone market , where three – dimensional face recognition of a manufacturer only Apple .

Most other manufacturers are ” Ikhlas ” mentality , is face recognition combined with fingerprint recognition , iris recognition or also added , so as to realize the coexistence of a variety of biological recognition , are represented in the facial recognition technology is not mature . For this case , an insider said that for now , just one , but the effect of gimmicks were much greater than the actual value .

We should like to ask , if achieved its facial recognition , fingerprint recognition and spring , the lower the screen ?

Does the small plait believes the problem is recognized in the industry are concerned , however , wagering on the lower screen fingerprint recognition and facial recognition are et quod videtur habere , auferetur ab eo .


FIG . 3

For now , Android or Apple camp did not withdraw from the screen of the fingerprint identification method . Now , let ‘ s set it lower screen fingerprint of the story .

Under the screen story of fingerprint technology

Apple in 2015 under the application of OLED screens , and the purpose of the patent , has been recently approved . According to this patent shows that Apple ‘ s fingerprint under the screen also may implement any of the unlocked position .

Android camp sound also continued , claiming the deal under the LG screen fingerprint , which will take place in 2018 CES launches a fingerprint on the screen under the screen G7 of the overall mobile phone .

In early June , the vivo brand in Shanghai in the MWC conference using screen under the finger vivo Xplay6 prototype . The technology developed by Qualcomm and vivo , through the ultrasound penetration of the flexible AMOLED under ultrasonic sensor recognition , fingerprint recognition to fear from the surface stains , such as a liquid .

Fingerprint identification chip producers have been ” supportive ” of the screen under the fingerprinting scheme .

At present , it is known that screen fingerprint technology developed under of the FPC , the sink top , Synaptics ( new thinking ) , Qualcomm , etc . is well – known manufacturers , the layout screen fingerprint of the manufacturers are mainly divided into two arrays , the FPC , Qualcomm develops the screen under ultrasonic technology ; while sink top , new thinking , Apple hit the screen under the optical technology . optical fingerprint of the ramp – up difficulty and are not in general .

MWC2017 in the General Assembly , on the top of the screen within the episode sink fingerprint recognition technology . This technology is adapted to complete fingerprint identification function integrated in the AMOLED display , the user may directly touch the display screen of the mobile terminal as specified by the area of the fingerprint can be realized .

11 through May 1 , the FPC in the Swedish People ‘ s Republic of China issued the screen within a fingerprinting scheme , that will allow the user to a smartphone and a display panel of any local fingerprint capture , thereby eliminating the need for phone manufacturers to design handsets on the physical space requirements . The inner screen fingerprint technology is based on ultrasonic sensor technology , which can penetrate the glass thickness of 2cm acquires fingerprint information , support for the OLED and LCD displays . This technique will also work with , such as capacitive sensors , and an iris scan , or the like of the existing technologies , complementary .

Yesterday , Synaptics formally issued the world ‘ s first mass – manufactured under screen fingerprint sensor Clear FS9500 ID . in this case , the optical sensor is adopted for the production of materials and techniques , can be directly encapsulated in a flexible AMOLED display beneath or integrated into the OLED screen , having a thickness of only 1 . 5 mm . Likewise , it also includes the screen under the fingerprinting scheme has the advantage of being fearless and dirt stains and the like .


Clear FS9500 ID sensor

When FS9500 sensor is activated , the sensor through the upper layer of the OLED panel has a backlight to illuminate the area of the fingerprint , is then reflected by the fiber optic cable to a bottom of the sensor , and completes the entire identification procedure .


Clear FS9500 ID sensor structure

Does the small plait is expected , Synaptics will be the fastest at the beginning of next year ‘ s CES conference in 2018 truly made his debut for the club . Meanwhile , Synaptics FS9500 has said that the top five on the mainland with a market share of some manufacturers to cooperate , together is the Guess Who , after all the finite answers : Huawei , Xiaomi , Apple , vivo and OPPO . Synaptics is an Apple supplier , but this might suggest that Synaptics is an Android handset – makers .

What will be the flagship for the first half of next year ? P11 Huawei , Xiaomi , OPPO R12 , vivo Xplay7 ?

Although Samsung in the Chinese market has been ” kicked out ” in the top five , but KGI analyst Ming Guo , an investment consultancy , said the second half of next year , Samsung released the Note phone 9 , the configuration screen that may lower optical fingerprint identification function .

We are looking forward to next year before the outbreak of the ” full screen + screen fingerprint recognition under the Law of the People ‘ s Republic of China era .


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