Xiaomi and Apple for trademark appeal failed and Mi Pad in Europe was rejected

Fortune magazine Beijing time on December 5 , at a time when the company sought to register ” ” ( trademark ) tablet , Apple won a long – running battle . header in 2014 to launch its first tablet , which is a lower – priced Android tablet computers , screen size , resolution , and all iPad

In 2014 , Xiaomi in European application EP ” Mi Pad ” trademark . Subsequently , to the European Union in the Korean Intellectual Property Office ( Apple ) . Intellectual Property Office , the EU supports Apple ‘ s view that ” Mi Pad ” and ” iPad ” ) is sufficiently close to confuse the public .

Xiaomi ‘ s subsequent to the common European Court of Appeal but the appeal was dismissed on Tuesday . That means , ” Mi Pad ” cannot be registered as a trademark in Europe .

” Seen from the vision , the debate on the flag of the highly similar , since both of the suffix flag of the subtitle is annihilated during completing with the iPad , the Mi Pad just beginning one more , m ‘ , from the pronunciation , the two marks in the English Department of the general public in the degree of similarity , in non – English – speaking public in the degree of similarity is very high , ” the European general court ruled in that in said .

Xiaomi to Apple ‘ s iPad is one of my opponents , the latter also faced OPPO , VIVO and Huawei and other Chinese handset makers , the rise of new competition . Xiaomi and Apple compete in several areas , including smartphones , tablet computers , wearable devices and even laptops .

It is unclear whether today ‘ s ruling on Xiaomi ‘ s brand strategy in the European knock – on effect . Apple and Xiaomi has yet to be taken by the European Court ruled that the general comment .


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