Xiaomi 6S exposure, upgrade version MI6!

As we all know, Xiaomi is in an awkward position at the moment. Xiaomi6 and xiaomiMIX2 have been released too early, and at present, the major manufacturers have released their own full screen phones, such as the glory of V10, the nut pro2, and the 5T. Now we know the Xiaomi is ready for December 7th to release a thousand yuan full screen phone, red rice series. But it has a gap compared to other high-end mobile phones.
Xiaomi6S exposure, upgrade version xiaomi6! Xiaomi6S exposure, upgrade version xiaomi6!小米6S曝光,升级版小米6!小米6S曝光,升级版小米6!

But fortunately, some people recently said that xiaomi6s was coming to join the end of the year. Micro-blog has quietly appeared in a suspected micro-blog xiaomi6s tail, seems to imply that Xiaomi has begun testing the later versions of the xiaomi6 legend, the rumors will be equipped with 5.65 inch full screen and Xiaolong 835 processor equipped with the same, and the glory of the V10 three storage group, the same as the metal body and dual camera design. It is used in post fingerprint to unlock the program, or will be officially in December to meet with us.
Xiaomi6S exposure, upgrade version xiaomi6!

From the current supply chain, xiaomi6S’s hardware information is well guessed. It is sure to carry the Qualcomm Xiaolong 835 processor. It should be the same screen as xiaomiMIX2, and it will upgrade the dual module and some small parts. Please be sure it’s a full screen, so Xiaomi makes up for the embarrassing situation that the flagship or the flagship has no full screen. But the price certainly will be better than xiaomi6, which should be between xiaomi6 and xiaomiMIX2.


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