Want to buy all screen and wait ! Apple executives as revealing that the next generation : 2 big surprises make fans happy

This year , Apple released the iPhone X changed the old style , from appearance to interactively greatly changes , the next iPhone would go some way towards this , and also is the trend most cares quite a bit .


Recently , Apple marketing chief Phil Qureshi , in an interview that he , the fingerprint is already over for the technology , a new version of the iPhone in the future , we are going to see it in a minute , at least the X series is the iPhone , all screen , the home button to abandon the choice .

So , the future of ultra – high – end iPhone , must be the new Face ID technology plus the final 100 % than the screen . Therefore , after the way Apple ‘ s Face the ID of the security , accuracy and drop off the screen than on the continued ascent . That is , the ” bangs ” modeling could be overcome .


Apple also said that , since they are on the phone for leadership , so the future of mobile phone manufacturers will follow this direction . In other words , since next year is largely part of a move away from the fingerprint technology .

It is worth to note that , under the current screen fingerprint have achieved mass production and is expected to be unveiled in January next year . So , the future belongs to the lower screen fingerprint or face recognition , is unclear .


But Phil said Kul , the next iPhone and the X – shape and of the entire screen and the accuracy of face identification and safety . Well , next year the iPhone price estimate X of not only the high – low !


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