Wacom releases Cintiq Pro 24 digital drawing board that can be connected to Windows 10 PC module.


Wacom has just launched a drawing board with screen product, it is the Cintiq Pro 24. It is equipped with large digital drawing surface, the insert Windows after 10 modules (Cintiq Pro Engine), can also become a single PC to use. Later in the year of the 32 inch models before the arrival, Cintiq Pro 24 should be able to keep with the title of largest series. Parameters, screen resolution for the 4 k, covering 98% of Adobe RGB color gamut, support one billion kinds of color.In order to reduce the color difference, the LCD screen is also equipped with etched glass surface. A near-zero delay of the 8192 pressure Pro Pen 2 Pen, which offers a near-paper experience.
Wacom calls Cintiq Pro Engine the “creative PC module” as a compact PC that offers two versions of Intel’s core i5 and to the strong processor.

Cintiq Pro Engine i5 is equipped with quad-core i5 processor and Nvidia Quadro P3200 6GB single display, 16GB RAM + 256GB PCIe Gen3 SSD, pre-installed Windows 10 professional operating system, for $2,499 (15808 RMB).
The Cintiq Pro Engine Xeon version is equipped with 32GB RAM + 512GB SSD, running Windows 10 workstation professional operating system for $3299 (20,869 RMB), and the listing time is May 2018.


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