VIVO’s Flagship Machine is Coming A Strengthened Version of Xiaomi mix2


VIVO will soon unveil its latest flagship Xplay7, a truly top-of-the-range mobile phone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, 4K full screen and 10GB RAM, according to a recent revelation of the VIVO real machine image.

From revelations to mass production, it will not take a long time. Such as X20 Plus UD, the world’s first mass-produced phone with a fingerprint in the screen. It was on sale after a month of being announced production. Xplay7, relative to X20 Plus UD, is a high class. No matter the screen ratio, screen resolution, and world first debut of Snapdragon 845 processor, all shows it is a revolutionary mobile phone. And it will also be used inside  fingerprint, so users will get almost perfect experience.

Some netizens said that Xplay7 is an enhanced version of Xiaomi MIX2. And compared with MIX2, the performance, appearance and screen ratio of Xplay7 are higher and the screen is not the same class. So if you want to upgrade top mobile phone, in addition to Samsung S9, Xplay7 is undoubtedly the best choice.



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