Vivo X20 Star Red Version


Vivo launched a new version of X20 star red. The frame of front face is  star red and the visual impact is great.

The matching color on the back is more vivid and more personalized. Full metal integrated arc fuselage and the fine sand blasting process also raise the feel and the texture. The design of the back is simple. Except for the necessary phone identification information, which can be seen clearly is the u-shaped nano molding antenna tape. The nano molding antenna tape also adopts red, although it has color difference, the back  has a more lasting appeal. In addition, the opening of the headphone jack, the data line interface and the speaker microphone array are all incorporated into the star red elements.

Vivo X20 star red adopts 2 x 12 million pixels sensor. It has 24 million light-sensitive unit and support image cube technology. It can effectively improve the quality of imaging in the dim light or backlight environment. The lens group is raised and the cutting edge of the flash and fingerprint keys is red.

X20 star red is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 with 4GB+64GB memory, 3245 mAh battery and twin-engine flash charge, 3D deep face recognition and so on. The price is RMB 2,998, which is consistent with the ordinary version.


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