Vivo will Push 4K Full Screen Xplay7: Snapdragon 845, Screen Ratio of 92.9%


According to the report, vivo Xplay 7 is equipped with screen fingerprint, and screen ratio will reach 92.9%. There is no Home button, sensor, even have a front-facing camera. The whole front face is screen, and both sides are no frame.

Most of all, Vivo will use Xplay 7 to change the image of high price and low configuration products, which will use the current top-of-the-range hardware. It will be equipped with SONY’s customized lens. The dual rear cameras can reach 24 million pixels, also support four times of non-damaged optical zoom.

Vivo Xplay 7 will be the first 4K smartphone in China, using Qualcomm’s latest generation of the Snapdragon 845 flagship processor. With a start of 8GB RAM, the high-end version can even reach 10GB, making it the first 10GB flagship phone. For storage, it can support up to 512GB.


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