Vernee M5 VS IPhone 7 Performance Testing, 5.2” All Metal Small Size M5 Did Not Lose.


Vernee just released the hot model the Vernee M5 recently, the 5.2” small size smartphone with a low price and better performance. And there is a real testing video on Vernee’s official Youtube channel to compare with the iPhone 7. What will be the result?

As we all known that, iPhone 7 is 4.7”, it is very good for one hand holding. However, many customers said that the screen size of iPhone 7 is a little bit small, so they prefer the phone with 5.0”. The Vernee M5 has a 5.2” screen, the phone body is bigger than the iPhone 7, but still you can easily hold it in one hand. Thanks to the metal phone body and fine sand blasting craft, plus the 6.9mm super slim phone body, the Vernee M5 is very comfortable to hold it in hand. And the 5.2” screen is perfect to hold and operate in one hand.

The iPhone 7 is using iOS 11 system and the Vernee M5 is using the customized VOS 1.0 system which is based and optimized by the Android 7.0. From the video we can see that, when operating, the speed of the Vernee M5 did not lose the iPhone 7. What’s more, when unlock the phone and change apps, the Vernee M5 is faster than the iPhone 7.

The Vernee M5 is using 3300mAh big battery, which is almost twice as the iPhone 7. When testing for 2 hours, the battery used by Vernee M5 is less than the iPhone 7.
After the testing, we could see that when operating the M5 in one hand, the result did not lose the iPhone 7. The pretty appearance, fine and smooth texture with metal phone body, 5.2” small size and the excellent performance makes the Vernee M5 very popular. What’s more, the price of M5 is much lower than the iPhone 7.


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