Unibody design 100 + V6 eight-core machine live real machine diagram


April 15 afternoon, 100 + mobile phone joint iQiyi released a new machine -100 + V6 mobile phone, also known as 100 + iQiyi phone, the aircraft focused video playback, the Fantastic Art and love in terms of content cooperation.

100 + V6 phone unique design, the fuselage around the handle was more mellow, with a unibody design, the shell and the frame as a whole, rich metallic surface texture, style, compared with the previous 100 + products are clearly different.

The machine uses the eight-core 2GHz processor main frequency MT6592T +2 G combined operation of memory, storage has 16G/32G two versions, with 5.5 inches 1080P resolution LTPS screen / 1300 megapixel camera and a 3200 mA battery, configuration, Also supports Dolby Mobile sound and back touch functionality and equipped with the latest Baidu cloud ROM V6 system.

100 + V6 will IPO on May 5, 16G mobile version sells for 1,688 yuan, the purchase can get iQiyi year card.




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