Ultra high megapixel camera upgrade for the company 1020 exposure


at the IFA show last week, Microsoft mobile launched the new handsets the company more than 830, 730 and 735, the company the company and the company 1020 upgrade version does not appear, now a lot of people to address the concerns of the company 1020 upgrade.In the conference, foreign media to Microsoft mobile phone business, vice President of Jo Harlow do interview said the company 1020 replacement is developing on the way.

Lumia 1020

  When asked about whether Microsoft will launch similar future 1020 super camera phones, the company responsible for mobile phone business, vice President of Microsoft Jo Harlow, said Microsoft and nokia will not stop the camera or computing technology revolution in the field of image, the next generation has strong ability of camera just around the corner.That might mean 1020 successor is under intensive research and development, the company maybe will be unveiled soon.

  Made nokia photographed flagship machine 1020 outstanding in every aspect, the company only after taking pictures on the processing speed of slower, according to previous reports, the company 1020 upgrade version may be equipped with Xiao dragon 805 processor, the screen will also upgrade to 2 k level, the rear camera still remain at 41 million pixels.

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