Transboundary flagship, Nubia X6 for the first time exposure


Recently Nubia general manager Ni Fei’s Weibo small tail disclose “from the Nubia X6”, @nubia intelligent mobile phone Weibo subsequently released Nubia X6 side rendering, without accident. This machine is X series of the firstflagship. Relevant information from the previous view, Nubia X6 screen to reach at least 6 inches, the metal body with the new design, the fastest 3 the end of the month.


Recently, in addition to the next generation of flagship Z7, rumors of the most should be X new series machine is the Nubia. However, although the early announced the presence of X, but never officially disclose more information related to. Just, the intelligent mobile phone general manager Ni Fei issued a new Weibo messages, but most people’s attention, than the Weibo tail shows that the weibo from Nubia X6. Then, the official Weibo also released a Nubia X6 side rendering. If no accident, it is perhaps the Nubia X series of the first flagship model.


From the official image of the exposure, during the Nubia X6 in the fuselage design style with the Z5S completely different. The first type SIM card slot on the support body left, need card needle assisted can be taken out. At the same time, the machine is suspected by the fuselage design of three section type.
Previously, certified as “Weibo user insight scholar Nubia Nubian brand manager” released exposure figure suspected Nubia X series products. Compared with the side’s 4.7 inch Z5S mini, this machine in size than the Z5S Mini on a circle. In view of the current has been launched Huawei glory X1 coupe crossover, the large screen mobile phone products, Nubia X6 body size or will be more than 7 inches, the metal body of the new design with the infinite, reverie. If the exposure of the picture is true, Nubia X6 will be the Nubian since the founding of the most heavy mobile phone – flat cross product, is also the first to double the number of named products.
Prior to the official has revealed that the machine will bring many beat all things happened, what Nubia X6 will have what kind of surprise? We may wish to speculate on the machine’s hardware configuration. Because of its name to “6” for the name, so it is expected that the machine will use 6 inch IPS screen, resolution is 1080P; the 2.3GHz Qualcomm snapdragon processor 801, 2GB RAM+16GB ROM. Notable is, as has been the pursuit of the ultimate in Nubia photograph function, so the machine or to be used before and after the 13000000 pixel camera, let self promotion effect to obtain the ultimate.


Of course, in addition to Nubia, X6, Z7 and UI associated with the Nubian message in fry raise a Babel of criticism of the internet. The spread of the Internet new spy photos of suspected the UI have been confirmed to be false, then the real Nubia UI will give people a sense of bright eyes?
It is reported, Nubia X6 or will work the Z7 in March the new conference debut, then Nubia UI will unveil the mysterious. What Nubia X6 will have what kind of surprise? Let’s rub one’s eyes and wait.


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