Thousand Yuan king ZTE 4G camera phones Red Bull on sale today


ZTE Group on April 9 actually park new conference was held in Beijing, released a new V-Series products, ZTE V5 (Red Bull) smartphone. Its because of “core Qualcomm”, “Sharp screen”, “4G network”, “SLR”, etc., are highly regarded as one thousand yuan of domestic and foreign media 4G camera artifact.

Red Bull Mobile ZTE official microblogging on the 15th news that Red Bull V5 ZTE phones will be sold in Jingdong Mall and Red Bull ZTE official CAPE April 18 . This behavior ZTE Red Bull V5 is the Lenovo gold fighter S8 4月21 on sale snipe ? Or to be held April 23 plus a phone conference to declare war ? Everything is just a small series of speculation.
ZTE phones with Red Bull V5 5-inch Sharp screen 720P , equipped with a pre- 5000000 , 13000000 rear camera with Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor , UI aspects of using the new nubia UI 2.0, equipped with a 2400mAh battery, support TD-LTE4G network ( mobile version ) , in addition to China Unicom and China Telecom version . Youth version equipped with 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM, price 799.9 yuan ; energy version equipped with 2GB RAM, 8GB ROM, price 999.9 yuan . Also have white, yellow , cyan, red and blue colored cover for consumer choice.
The whole ” Chinese 4G market thousands ” of six months in advance of the Red Bull ZTE phone conference on the spot has been vice president of Jingdong王笑松to force recommended. Red Bull Mobile ZTE also naturally become the Jingdong Mall “JDphone” planned to open in 2014 blockbuster products. Thanks to the product ‘s high cost, since the resurgence of Red Bull phone conference day 17:00 start booking now, Red Bull Mobile ZTE Jingdong Mall in the reservation amount has reached 4.2 million . Because only eligible to participate in the pre- users only have to buy Red Bull V5 ZTE phones , interested friends can click on the relevant links to make reservations in advance , is ready to rush to prepare.

Jingdong Mall reservations:
Red Bull’s official website reservations:



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