So his highly significance of specific mobile phone look like ? Breyer , a prominent designer David according to the information currently available 3D conceptual weredetermined , and the device with a 360 – degree folding function , may be in ” tent mode ” .

According to foreign media earlier Windows Central , foldable inside the apparatus , code – named Andromeda . Andromeda , mainly by the Windows Shell and Core OS two key elements . wherein the Windows Core OS may be considered to be a bespoke version of Windows 10 system , while the C Shell mainly make use of the folding screen to achieve a variety of efficient human – computer interaction ( HCI ) .

Andromeda prototype after folding can be a smartphone – like carry – on , as well as telephone and short messages ( SMS ) communication function , and after the deployment of the airbag is able to form a seamless screen . From the preliminary information should grasp of prototype and the cancellation of the ” Microsoft Courier is ” kind of , you can consider it as a digital portable laptops .

Reportedly this prototype can accommodate a stylus pen , capable of performing input using OneNote note , also supported by Windows ; Notion Ink ‘ s function is extended . In a system aspect , Andromeda will run on ARM devices , means they may be equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor . This is not yet confirmed whether the device will support the Win32 application , but will support the UWP application .


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