Thin metal quad-core TCL idol α/S860 straight down 200 yuan


TCL show new design concept idol α (TCL S860) earlier this month officially listed, this product line under gravity discharge channels, although online sale, but publicity did not idol X series of high-profile. TCL idol α shelves not long ago, Jingdong Mall, the starting price of 2,499 yuan, before the aircraft has straight down 200 yuan to 2,299 yuan of the sale price, as well as 4000 mA mobile power, and Bluetooth headsets, protective case and other accessories gift.

TCL S860

With “beautiful” word to describe the TCL idol α/S860 is not an exaggeration, at the lower end of the body on its innovative add transparency effects, and a built-in transparent areas can flashing LED lights, which undoubtedly added to icing on the cake, furthermore machine also features a full metal frame, aluminum alloy material, the whole line is smooth and beautiful, to give people a sense of fashion. Another major feature of the design is the idol α/S860 – both light and thin, the machine weighs about 118g, the thickness of only 7.5 mm.

TCL S860

As to the design as the core selling point of the product, idol α/S860 specification is not high, focused camera, equipped with a 13 million-pixel high-definition camera, and another 4.7 inches 720P resolution IPS screen, 1.2GHz processor as the main MT6589 frequency, with 1G RAM +16 G ROM memory, and 2000 mA battery, Android 4.2 system. Supports WCDMA / GSM dual-mode single card, with double and common wheat wind sensor.



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