The thinnest the lightest lenovo lenovo S858T listed


In the second half of this year lenovo mobile power is in addition to focus on 4 g market, many have to watch for in the high-end, new order, will also have been listed as VIBE X2, and super long standby new products, and different kinds of products such as business clamshell machine will be stirring, not only to measure and “quality”.

The main light, thin body S series the new fashionLenovo S858TLanding ipo formally a few days ago, the national each big stores, online Su Ningyi purchasing platform available, such as official guidance retail prices as high as 1899 yuan.

Lenovo S858T

With so far the thinnest generalization of the lightest six words can complete lenovo S858T key selling point, the machine USES the frame of the magnesium alloy, the volume of the fuselage side key power button is also metal material, supplemented by double corning three generations of gorilla glass, level off is smooth mirror body thickness of only 6.4 mm, only 112 g weight beyond the VIBE X, achievement of lenovo’s “light, thin” mobile phone.This article from MTK phone

Machine modeling is not as aggressive way of doing things as X2 multicolor multilayer frame, lenovo S858T is typical for straight the rounded design, color has black + blue box in the version from the start.A little meaning of this dual SIM screens and TF screens and keys all placed in the right side of the fuselage, and adopted the side out sound design, the speaker is located at the bottom of the fuselage.

Lenovo S858T

Give priority to in order to show the design of S858T specifications, there is not a prominent place on the 1.4 GHz frequency of the LordMT6592M eight processors, does not support LTE, support only td-scdma and GSM network, memory 1 g of RAM and 8 g ROMCollocation, equipped with 5 inches full joint screen, 720 p resolution 1880 ma battery, based on the depth of the Android 4.42 custom association VIBE UI2.0, support the commonly used sensors.Photo specifications are relatively prominent, front and rear camera is 8 million pixels, the main camera with dual LED light.

If has been focused onMTK platformProducts, will find that lenovo S858T and designOONE phoneHighly similar, are just some specification is slightly inferior, nearly a third cheaper, S858T or OONE is you choose?