The Six Features of Android P are Exposed


The mainstream of current smartphone operating system can be divided into Android and iOS. Recently, according to media reports, Google has released the first developer preview of Android P. Let’s take a look at six of its features.

Position the equipment indoor

It is known that Android P supports the IEEE 802.11 protocol. If the phone’s App can connect to three WiFi access points, then the protocol allows it to triangulate the location of the device within a certain range.

In addition, developers will develop maps with routing capabilities through WiFi RTT, which can provide users with more accurate positioning even in chaotic interiors.

Privacy upgrade

When the App is not running, the microphone, camera, or sensor of the SensorManager can be accesses.

Support bang screen

Due to the popularity of bang screen design, Google has also made a compromise that adapter will be used in a variety of bang screen phones, and will allow App developers to adjust the content of the show.

Information to optimize

In the future push notifications of mobile phone information, the image and relevant information can be displayed. And only the reply function will be enhanced.

The neural network processing function of the equipment is improved

The built-in machine learning feature eliminates the need to send user data to the cloud for processing. Firstly, the neural network on the device can learn and adapt to the user’s operating habits more easily. Secondly, user’s privacy can be better protected.

Support the HDR

Android P will support HDR VP9 Profile 2. If the device supports HDR, the user will be able to view HDR content.

`Google says it will announce more updates on the Android P operating system at the I/O conference in May.


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