The shenzhou X55 eight nuclear double card 4 g machine


Before the small long vacation started, the shenzhou phone low-key – released a new productsThe shenzhou X55Went on, the machine performance, with 999 yuan starting price began to make an appointment on September 29, also support the shenzhou’s first LTE X554 g mobile phone

During the National Day, the shenzhou X55 already provides a small batch goods sold on the day the cat, today machine cat flagship store still have a spot on the official day, website booking user need to wait until the 20th of this month to participate in the open.

X55 sold by day the cat is also a mobile version 4 g, can support mobile 4 g (TD – LTE), td-scdma/GSM network (containing TDD Band38/39/40, td-scdma Band34/39; GSM Band2/3/5/8 spectrum), and have a dual SIM card slot support double card double stay, this is a function of many users care about, it ismediatekDual chip LTE solution, the processor is 1.7 GHz frequency of the LordMT6592

4 g double card double stay is a selling point, it is important to remove this item, the shenzhou X55 in design than in the early stage of the X series product improvements, the titanium alloy aluminum frame, improve fell shock resistance.But the thickness of the X55 not thin, reached 10.5 mm, fortunately, the battery capacity is 3000 ma.

Shenzhou X55 other equipped with 5.5 -inch 720 p resolution whole joint screen, camera pixels high as before, the collocation to 5 million + 14 million pixels, 2 gb + 16 gb of memory, run custom Android 4.4 system.