The screen over 5 inches or a metal fuselage ONEPLUS mobile phone is approaching


ONEPLUS mobile phone  is founded by Liu Zuohu(OPPO former deputy general) , since its beginning with “NEVER SETTLE” attitude to make a new products. The brand has been in a low-key state after the release of ONEPLUS mobile phone, also has caused everybody’s attention and expectation. Today, ONEPLUS official modest exposure for the first time in a few very the implied meaning of the picture, the picture is not directed at the brand name, but the people can see at a glance is fun to several mobile phone brand apple, Samsung, HTC, millet etc.. And by making fun of content, also can not help but suspect, ONEPLUS is coming, and it is likely to screen size over 5 inches, using metal fuselage.

屏幕超5寸或采用金属机身  一加手机将至 2-228.png


Today, ONEPLUS released a few very connotation of the pictures in the Weibo. The picture by apple, three star carambola, ham sausage, yellow millet, Blackberry of different shapes with simple text, reminiscent of that is hinted at Apple, Samsung, HTC, millet, Blackberry several major mobile phone brands, from with the words “four inches”, “plastic”, “a machine emperor”, “not beautiful” and other words, laugh at each mobile phone brand at the same time, also can not help but suspect, whether it is in that one plus mobile phone will make will not move in these aspects, in addition to before has stressed the beautiful appearance, mobile phone screen or super 5 inch, and a metal body. Prior to this one and that will be more beautiful in the appearance design, and the top configuration. On the brand conference, Liu Zuohu also said, many mobile phone on the market are all unsatisfactory place, he will not do, will do better. This time, Weibo high-profile ridicule a variety of major mobile phone brands are not satisfied with the place, or said it has well beyond the preparation. As for whether as we suppose, has yet to be further follow-up.
ONEPLUS, in addition to the previously announced with CM system customization cooperation, to know the current market can only from the snapdragon 800 processor, and it is said that material feels very cool, we also expect can get more information about ONEPLUS. After all, in the domestic mobile phone becomes more and more homogeneous case, a positioning “NEVER SETTLE”, said to all PK except apple mobile phone, or worth looking forward to.



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