The Review of nokia 7 Plus


The general trend of the full screen

The nokia 7 Plus uses a 6-inch 18:9 ratio of FHD+ LCD screen, namely, full screen. Compared with the current mainstream design, the nokia 7 Plus has a slightly lower screen ratio, which can accommodate the classic logo in the upper right corner of the forehead, and the chin is also wider. But when the gesture is turned on, the reserved width seems to improve some operational stability.

The nokia 7 Plus screen has rounded corners. Although the radian is not too big, it matches with the four corners of the fuselage. The overall perception is very harmonious and unified.

If the red and black color is a classic in the fashion world, then nokia’s bronze color is gradually forming a new memory point. According to HMD, the surface of the nokia 7 Plus is coated with a 6 coating process, which is polished by 17 hours of 26 processes. It can bring a ceramic feel to the user, which can be combined with anti-corrosive treatment, and even in the summer, you won’t have to worry about the long use of the stain.

All the elements in the back of the fuselage, except for the flash, are lined up along the central axis. The bronze round frame around the fingerprint identification area works well, with the hand feels nothing. The same color of line is also helping to modify the convex lens and it  no longer appears abrupt.

Keep pace with the Times

On the system side, native is the keyword that attracts a lot of new users. As a tradition, this feature has been extended to the nokia 7 Plus.

However, perhaps in the geek and the player’s eyes, native is always the best and the purest. But a deeply customized UI also has an audience and a significant number. Therefore, less preloading and less localized features are good or bad, it is up to users.

Nokia 7 Plus added gestures specially for full screen. After opening only by sliding can complete the function of the three traditional buttons of Android. The return key and multitasking key can also exchange the position. It is indeed very human.

In actual use, after the operation of the gesture, the visual field, the perception and the unity of the whole have been greatly improved. At the same time, the width of the chin also eases the top-heavy sense, which is a surprise.

Finally to bring a bit, nokia is 7 Plus supports only fingerprint unlock. But according to the official, the machine will soon be added to face unlock function in the future, when two choices can meet the needs of the consumers.


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