The old brand new battlefield: behind OnePlus and IUNI’s story


Once a year the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2014) has ended in Barcelona,but on the other side of the earth — Chinese, 2014 mobile phone drama has just begun. Two major domestic backbone OPPO and Jinli sister product. Oneplus and IUNI troops.


Who are they?
One plus and IUNI into the public eye is the second half of 2013, compared to already killed red eye Chinese mobile phone market, the admission of both seems slow. Although the first come first to the benefits, but also the later advantage, as the saying goes: not as good as to come early. The plan must be not a day two days of things in the parent company, but why now launched, I believe there are two reasons: first, the enemy was strong. The same type of Internet mobile phone brand — millet already win support among the people, although the word is mixed, but through the power of the mobile phone industry marketing means get a piece of chaos; two is the Allies just passable performance. The same type of Internet mobile phone brand — Huawei Rong ya, ZTE Nubia although hard already for a long time, but have not yet achieved a brilliant success, because no surprise situation has not broken.
Although one and always use the independent new brand image in the public eye, but the people all know his relationship with OPPO closely, seems to be a OPPO and VIVO BBK old tricks. While IUNI is generous, though never mention relationship with Jin, but have never denied, believe that this is the brand creation intention at the beginning of the series are: beyond brand.


Oneplus Shareholder Information


Figure IUNI Shareholder Information

From both the registered information and shareholder information is not difficult to find: the two brands compared to mobile phone industry veterans really is the bright younger generation, but behind a strength outstanding eldest brother back, this is a natural conclusion another trait: your their.

Where is the:
Since ancient times there is a good shade tree back truth, battle hardened mobile phone giants would not. Predecessors trees descendants cool brought direct benefits is the toddler to achieve leapfrog development directly across the. The Internet mobile phone pioneer — millet, has experienced many hardships, early in the first generation products released last year began brewing, Lei Jun more than once exclamation founded millet at the beginning of the bitter, but also a vivid example — Luo Yonghao, a mobile phone can also be said to create a half life, from the establishment of the brand, to ROM, to the development of mobile phone, every project can be said to be difficult. And the emergence of a plus and IUNI compared to saving many, improve supply chain based, mature brand strategy, excellent product team, each item is the envy of other manufacturers. This was destined to a plus and IUNI extraordinary identity, while the background is also determines the product not low-end products of both, as both in the creation of a clear at the beginning of the: focus on quality. Therefore, the “expensive” meaning also naturally includes the products price level.

What do they want? For myself:
There is no doubt for the benefit of business forever, but how to obtain a desired interest is the door of knowledge. Once upon a time, OPPO and Jin is more with the time, started late, weak product ability determines they are of marginal producers, blind imitation with the bombing of publicity, and then match in the low-end price seems to be their survival strategy. Now, OPPO and Jin are fellow travelers, the accumulation of product capability, mature brand strategy to accelerate their growth, continue to create their own living space in apple and Samsung mobile phone market in china. Future, OPPO and Jin will be the former walker, bitter lessons of previous successful experience and failure are their development in the future. With E7 Find, the star product launch, we is not hard to see their growth, although there are many shortcomings, but we have reason to look forward to their future. A and the independent brand and IUNI this is trailbreaker they exploit the Internet market and the high-end market. In 1000 yuan machine, mobile phone, mobile phone, music beauty hero have opened today, mobile phone market segmentation is complete, rich product line is not only the shipments of guarantee, is to guarantee market share, and that shipments and share directly bring business dream for profit.

To an opponent:
Since the millet out halfway, domestic mobile phone market has long been a mess, subversion and subversion of only a matter of time. The mobile phone giant Nokia is already on the state; pioneer Android HTC was also the decline, although some HTC one such excellent products, but also do not carry group internal corruption. Wait for an emerging manufacturers would let such a good opportunity to overtake corners? Outside the apple Samsung, there are Huawei ZTE, where home is not to suppress foot one breath, and once the followers naturally want to share a cup of a thick soup. Take IUNI for example, its product positioning and niche, not for the large and all but small and fine, it is abnormal this strategy can obtain wider development space, opponents are constantly doing addition, although the perfect the function of the product, the broad market demand, but also virtually increased complexity degree of themselves, dragged down the pace. IUNI the main fresh and pure products and strive to break through, in the foundation to realize the essential function, giving users more freedom, and fully mobilize the imagination. This strategy is also beyond all expectations not success, but I believe that this is the opponents fear.



What do they do? — combination of hardware and software



( Above is Oneplus UI, Below is the IUNI UI )

From both the product interface, tend to fresh niche style both undoubtedly, selection of minimalist, personality of the road. As noted above, when the opponents of the burden increasingly heavy, which go to the battle-front without any burden both appear to do a job with skill and ease, the ancient words: from frugal extravagant easy, by the extravagance frugal difficult. Products like this, when you go on the full complexity of the road, is a pure natural loss of aura, which shares the aura is the flagship. Although they are not available, but we can learn from the successful experience of Micro message, Zhang Xiaolong brings the team title Micro message minimalist, personality of the road, on season play, in one fell swoop over the domestic mobile chat pioneer — m chat. The same in the mobile phone industry, in the face of action when the increasingly heavy opponent, flexible is the panacea, this can be the Huawei glory system example, although is born, but blindly follow the opponent, and system of internal complexity, lead to glory’s products in the market is always lack of a furnace.

One plus and IUNI in addition to product strategy adopts minimalism, personality of the road, in the brand strategy also hit a small route. A choice with Android custom first team of CyanogenMOD (CM) cooperation, this choice in addition to product quality assurance, also took a fancy to CM geeks, niche route, and such partner on the other manufacturers who may have been a campaign, a plus is slightly low, only in the brand conference with a pen. But it is the high-profile publicity may be the boss CM Steve Kondik micro-blog


IUNI is also a first-class products and low-key publicity strategy, since the since the first conference, IUNI is not forthcoming, in addition the curious is the manager of the domestic first-class public relations manager He Xiaojun, with his ability to mobile phone quack off a mighty storm is a be an easy job to do, but he’s very much a low-key, very unusual. The IUNI also rack one’s brains in the core product IUNI OS, will Tencent heavily built TITA ROM team to dig, is also taking a shortcut. According to Samsung 9500 ROM performance has been released, the user evaluation is still relatively active, the user experience is good, is a long-term development potential of the ROM. According to the supply chain message, IUNI’s first hardware also will soon be listed, its configuration is also the flagship of hard and soft power, this is not much for propaganda, and reflects the IUNI brand low-key, niche route.

Finally, I believes that one plus and the advent of IUNI is bound to the already hot Chinese mobile phone market poured boiling oil, excellent ROM team, with first-class hardware configuration, brand strategy is different from the past, seems to millet ace enemy will play the domestic mobile phone cards, drama also will enter the superheating.


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