The Next iPhone’s Battery can be Disassembled?


Once replaceable batteries were the mainstream. With iPhone coming with an integrated fuselage design, finally, other manufacturers have used the design of non-removable batteries.

However, the amount of electronic digital rubbishes are not only  polluting the environment, but also a waste of resources. So the US government is impatient and first makes a plan for the maintainability of electronic products in Washington, which will be extended to the whole country. The bill in Washington presents that batteries of the most intelligent mobile phones are the glue stick on the motherboard, so it artificially increases the difficulty of maintenance and disassembly. Also it doesn’t conform to the principle of environmental protection and reuse. So they believe that cellphones’ batteries must be removable and replaceable.

For users, I think it’s a good thing. You don’t have to carry a mobile power and the battery pack. But for Apple, it may significantly reduce the sales of mobile powers, battery packs and even new iphones. and the picture is really toxic. That will be really bad!


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