The next iPhone SE may pick up front and back glass, cancel the headphone hole and make its debut in the spring next year

A lot of news that apple plans to launch next year the new iPhone SE, the fastest will be announced in the assembly product published next spring.

【 piece to push down an iPhone before and after the SE may adopt glass, cancel the headphone jack The fastest next spring

View, points out that the market at present with an iPhone SE mainly use demand lock in emerging markets such as India, will remain at the same time the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5 s appearance design, but will use before and after the design of glass appearance, expected the A10 Fusion processor, 12 million pixels main camera, 7 million pixels video camera, and 1700 mah battery.

As for still will pick 2 gb built-in memory specifications, the storage capacity is the difference between a 32 gb and 128 gb, while the fuselage may remove the 3.5 mm headphone jack, change to use digital audio from port, at the same time based on screen size is relatively small, so will not follow up with full size screen design, but not sure whether to join the waterproof and dustproof and wireless charging function, theory will still keep using Touch ID fingerprint identification function.

Part of the selling price and may refer to the iPhone SE price with design, take this as all iPhone models primer design best choice.


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