The New LG gram Light-weight Laptop was Unveiled on CES


LG gram unveiled three models of light-weight laptop on CES. LG gramm has three sizes, 13.3 inches, 14 inches and 15.6 inches, with the weight of 965g, 995g and 1095g. The laptop is equipped with 72Wh batteries. According to MobileMark 2014 benchmark test, the life of batteries are 22.5 hours, 21.5 hours and 19 hours.

The shell of LG Gram is the new nano-carbon magnesium alloy, which is often used in the aircraft manufacturing industry, and the strength of the whole machine has passed the military test. The C-face keyboard supports adjustable brightness backlight for night use, showing the fine contour of LG gram.

The camera is positioned above the display screen, making it easier to use video. DTS Headphone X enhances the multi-channel sound, achieving high fidelity surround sound effects. After the upgrade, the fan is quieter and the cooling effect is better.

The new generation of LG gram will have multiple optional configurations, such as a touch screen, a fingerprint reader, and a lightning 3 interface. The boot button takes into account the fingerprint identification feature that can be turned on and logged in simultaneously. The lightning 3 interface can be compatible with Mac products, which is 8 times faster than the USB Type-C and delivers a seamless transmission of 4K/5K content.

The new LG gram is designed for users who want to have comprehensive portability and high performance configuration. It offers ultra-thin, long-endurance, high-performance, and more powerful. It keeps the product in mind — the lightest laptop in the industry.

The LG gram Z980 will be available in US this month and will follow in other markets.



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