The New iPhone SE Supports Wireless Charging


Luke Lin, the analyst of DigiTimes Research, said the new iPhone SE  supports wireless charging and will be released in May or June.

For the entry-level iPhone product line, Apple is preparing to release a phone similar to the iPhone SE in 2018, according to Luke Lin. Equipped with wireless charging function, but without 3D Sensing function. The new phone will be mass-produced in the second quarter of this year and will be released in May or June.

Luke Lin also said that Apple is currently developing four next-generation iPhones, the 5.7 inches to 5.8 inches LCD screen of the iPhone, 6.0 inches to 6.1 inches LCD screen of the iPhone, 6.0 inches and 6.0 inch OLED display screen of the iPhone and iPhone 6.4 inches and 6.4 inch OLED display screen. Apple recently begins to favor two iphones with LCD displays and an iPhone with a 6.4 to 6.5 inches OLED display.

Luke Lin leaks the four next-generation iphones that Apple is developing will support wireless charging and 3D Sensing. However, Apple has not   made a final decision.


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