The new generation of Exynos processors will be officially released in January 4th, of course, the opponent is 845.

Although mobile processors are currently a high Qualcomm, the Exynos series, which is one of the main rivals, can’t be underestimated. Next year the main push Qualcomm Xiaolong 845 flagship mobile platform has been on stage, so Samsung is also the time to come up with their own magic weapon next year.

The new flagship Exynos, which will be officially released in January 4th next year, may be named Exynos 9810, which will be made in the same way as the second generation of 10nm process, like the 845. On this mobile processor, Samsung has also introduced a third generation of independent kernel architecture and fully supported ARM’s DynamIQ technology.

As for the specific design of CPU, the main information at present tends to follow the design of the 4 core with 4 small core. GPU will use (possibly) up to 20 core Mali-G72, and the running frequency is unknown. The overall performance should be different from the 845, but who wins or not wins the conclusion so quickly.

In the end, there was also news that Samsung would have added an additional artificial intelligence core in Exynos 9810 (or as high Qualcomm generally integrated into the peripheral). Last year, Samsung has released an independent VPU (visual processing unit), which can help mobile processors perform visual tracking, panoramic image processing and machine vision processing. This unit may be integrated into a new generation of Exynos, as Samsung responds to Qualcomm and Kirin in the era of artificial intelligence. It will also build a new generation of baseband chips that support LTE Cat.18 downlink and 6CA (carrier aggregation), and the maximum downlink speed can reach 1.2Gbps.

In the absence of an accident, Exynos 9810 will be first carried in some of the partial regional versions of Galaxy S9 released next year.


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