The Kirin 670 Exposure: Mid-end and AI Function


Huawei’s kirin chip has been a proud achievement for China’s homegrown processor. The kylin 970, launched last year, was one of the few AI chips in the world because of its NPU nerve unit. At present, it is reported that huawei has already had a considerable amount of technology deposit, and is ready to develop the AI technology of the chip to the mid-end product line. The first one to have AI plus is the 670 chip of kirin.

According to the disclosure of information, the biggest bright spot of kirin 670 chip is the integration of AI architecture, and adoption of 12nm TSMC FinFET process technology in the design of the CPU. It adopts A72 dual-core and A53 quad-core. The GPU is Mali G72. It has been reported that the two A72 cores adopted by the 670 are the core of MOSCOW independently developed by huawei.

It is also the first time huawei has sunk the AI structure in its flagship chip into a mid-end product. The so-called AI architecture is the ability of intelligent analysis and recognition scenarios, image recognition, voice linkage and user learning through internal NPU nerve cells.


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