The iPhone X2 with Smaller Bangs? Face Recognition and Front Lens should be Integrated


The most abrupt place of iPhone X is the “big bang” at the top of the front panel. Although it integrates the front lens, Face ID and receiver module, it affects the overall aesthetic feeling. And it is said that Apple will continue to use this design for the next few years.

Although big bangs won’t disappear, but Apple can make some small changes. According to the media, Apple plans to enhance facial recognition in future, and integrate the face recognition module with the front lens.

It sounds like the bangs can actually shrink. But the Face ID on the iPhone X currently uses multiple components, such as infrared cameras, point-array projectors, and panoptic sensors to realize face recognition, but the media says it is a component.

However, the new iPhone in September 2018 won’t have smaller bangs.


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