The History of Meizu


Physical HOME button + menu button and touch returnbutton:Meizu M9/MX

The physical HOME button design starts from Meizu M8, but the system of M8 is not Android. Meizu M9 still adopts HOME button design, and it has a touch return button and a menu button. When it comes to Meizu MX, Meizu turns the physical HOME button into a prominent prototype, and the touch return button and menu button become a hidden design.

Dot +SmartBar: Meizu MX2/MX3/MX4/ NoBlue Note

The HOME button becomes touch dot from Meizu MX2,and continues to MX4. Meizu MX2 also cancels the return and menu buttons, and adds the SmartBar in the system to make up for the deficiency caused by the return and menu buttons cancellation. Meanwhile, gesture operations join in Meizu Flyme system to promote users experience.

Front fingerprint entity HOME button: MX4 Pro

Meizu has been exploring the revolution of mobile HOME button interaction. MX4 Pro adopts the design of the front fingerprint HOME button for the first time, which is also the ancestor of Meizu mBack HOME button. Meizu MX4 Pro is also the world’s first Android phone with front fingerprint design. But actually, the physical HOME button is no different from small dot in experience.

MBack HOME button: Meizu Note2/MX5 and later models

NoBlue Note2 adopts mBack HOME button design for the first time. The mBack HOME button is a physical HOME button, that can realize the function of touch back to press the HOME button. Meizu mBack HOME button focuses on high frequency return operation and greatly reduces the operating costs. It is still a comparatively great progress. The round design of the mBack HOME button also becomes the unique of Meizu .

The small circle Home button has a congenital deficiency in operation and function, and the Smartbar that Meizu pushes makes up for this deficiency. But the compatibility problem of Smartbar has always been not well solved, even more and more problems are exposed along with the applications and system versions upgrade. Meizu is also in urgent need of a more suitable solution. The appearance of the mBack HOME button solves the problem of SmartBar, which is also a promotion of experience.

Side fingerprint + small dots: Noblue S6

With the coming of the era of full screen, NoBlue S6, with the size of 18:9, is being released. From exposure of the message, the NoBlue S6 cancells mBack HOME button, but switch to the side fingerprint design, and adopts virtual dots design. In addition, the virtual dot design may have new breakthrough in operation. Different gestures can realize different functions. Whether the experience is still outstanding, we are looking forward.


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