The full version of the blood how strong? 2.0GHz MediaTek 6592 performance test


2.0GHz MT6592 as MediaTek top eight core processor, the 1080p resolution on the performance and experience how? The author will be tested from CPU and GPU, and test the operation of large 3D game, have a look what his actual performance? Testing machine for the TCL idol X+.


Let us have a look the processor parameters before the test, MT6592 eight full version of the blood 8 built-in Cortex-A7 core architecture, frequency reached 2.0GHz, each core has 32KB a cache and the shared 1MB cache in the two level, using 28nm HPM process, the maximum support memory for single channel LPDDR3666MHz, and GPU is the ARMMali-450MP4 frequency at 700MHz, support 1920×1080 high resolution display.
PS: the whole testing process were not open the power saving mode, ROM is idol X+ the primary version.


Test 1: ANTUTU v4.2.1
The rabbit ran the test has achieved 30000 1 points, compared to 1.7GHz MT6592 a lot higher, scores comparable to existing snapdragon processor 800. But in a 3D drawing part was about 6300, while the ordinary version snapdragon 800 to close to 9000 points, this gap is a little big.


Test 2:3DMarkv1.2
Using 3DMark 3 scenes of built-in test, respectively Unlimited, Extreme and normal mode, mainly to test the chip group, CPU and GPU machine, the results can reflect the performance of the peak of GPU graphics processing. The test results of three models were 7382, 4387 and 6275 points, the score is even worse than Adreno320 snapdragon 600.


Test 3:GFXBeach3.0
GFCBeach is a graphical test software platform, rendering performance test of GPU and 1080p under the scene in the quality performance of frames. Multiple test after the final the highest results only 533 17.7fps scores, compared with the existing in the high-end models, the gap is very big. All the basic test scenarios are cotton.


Test 4:RARBeachmark
RAR Beachmark for Android is a veteran WinRAR decompression software version of Android, multi thread performance testing of CPU, get the speed and the processing speed can be decompressed test, MT6592 in this link has a very big advantage, eight core open and its speed of 1551KB/s, which results in even more than the Samsung the performance of Exynos5420, eight nuclear open is very strong.


Test 5: PI calculation
In the PI calculation, mainly is the use of parallel computing of CPU, we calculate pi of 1 ten million when the score 34.179s, ranking 3 in slightly lower 33.9s scores and millet.
Through above several tests can be seen, MT6592 in CPU eight kernel fully open, the performance is quite good, with Exynos5420 and snapdragon 800 comparable, although is the architecture of the Cortex-A7, but the frequency and 28nm HPM process thanks to 2.0GHz, CPU in the actual has a very good performance, heat drop frequency very severe rare.


In part GPU, although the frequency of ARM Mali450MP4 700MHz, theoretical performance is very good, but why be so bad? The main reason is that: the highest MT6592 memory controller supports only a single channel 32bit LPDDR3-1333MHz, peak bandwidth of 5.3GB/s, at the resolution of 1080p because of insufficient bandwidth, the actual performance of the natural weakness, APQ8064 8.5GB/s bandwidth in 1080p could barely reach 60fps.


Game test 1:Asphalt8 Samsung store version
Asphalt 8 can choose Samsung store version, this version is due to Mali series GPU were optimized, and do not lock frame. We open the best quality, and frames with FPS monitoring Meter, in Tokyo the track top frame 47, the lowest 22 frame, if the car under the condition of less, generally can be maintained at more than 30fps, performance is good, he now rarely, mainly is the version has optimized the.


Game 2: need for speed 17 v1.0.47
Need for speed 17 this version as the highest specific version, the default full effects, dynamic fuzzy effect, the actual measured up to 37 frames, a minimum of 24 frames, the basic can be maintained at about 30fps, good performance, long time to play also won’t appear too out of frame.


Game 3: Modern Warfare 4
Modern warfare 4 compared to the two prior to GPU requirements are higher, the actual measured up to 39 frames, a minimum of 18 frames, basically maintained at about 22 frames, are more obvious, especially in crowded scenes, frames will be lower.


Game 4: real racing 3
Quality real racing 3 on the mapping requirements are relatively high, but the effects are not many, the measured maximum 32 frames, a minimum of 21 frames, basically maintained at about 27 frames, decent, not so the pursuit of fluency words can still play.


In general, MediaTek MT6592 compared to the previous own quad core products are a great improvement, eight A7 core in the processing speed becomes more obvious, the GPU performance is not bad, but the disadvantage is that the memory controller, it should only MediaTek only stick to a single channel memory, a key influence bandwidth for GPU, 5.3GB/s high peak bandwidth than previous generations of APQ8064 or on K3V2 should be low, like in the 1080p to achieve the silky smooth it is not possible, MT6592+720p is the best combination, of course also requires manufacturers to optimize well, the best is still want new this year, MediaTek processor change for the better in terms of memory bandwidth.


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