The Full Screen Vivo X21 will be Released in Wuzhen on March 19


Today, vivo officially launched an invitation to hold a new product launch event on March 19 in Wuzhen. The main character is vivo X21 full screen phone.

Vivo X21 is another innovation of vivo after the fingerprint version of vivo X20Plus. It will give a new height to the ID design of China’s full-screen mobile phones. According to the previous exposure, vivo X21 will adopt a new generation of special-shaped full screen, and will provide a version of the screen fingerprint technology to people who like to explore new technologies.

In addition to the new screen design, shaking screen prints, there are many other bright spots of vivo X21, such as the appearance of more exquisite workmanship, more robust system and configuration, and better user experience and so on.


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