The First Version of Android 9.0 was Completed: Released on March 14


Google announced that the 2018 I/O conference would be held from May 8 to 10 at the amphitheater in Mountain View on January 24. The Android P operating system will take this opportunity to expose some design ideas, important features, etc. According to Mishaal Rahman, chief editor of xdadev, the first version of Android P’s developer preview (DP1) has been completed and is expected to be released on March 14.

March 14 is known as Pi day, also mark π. Pi, with the same pronunciation as Pie, which is said to be chosen as the snack symbol for this year’s Android P system.

From the information on AOSP, the mystery of “The future is now (2018 edition)” will also be named Android 9.0. In this way, during the I/O conference, it will be delivered directly to DP2, which is very fast.

The only point is leaked information about Android 9.0 system is that Google will continue to solve the problem of fragmentation, strengthen Project Treblet features, even iterative push to establish a new system platform to continue to tighten.

IOS 12 has turned the direction to liberation of performance, stability of improvement, so Android 9.0 will not be an exception. In addition, such as the application of starting and loading speed, the background of electricity and other conventional characteristics will be served when they come.


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