The fingerprint of vivo Xplay7 prototypes is not iPhone X under the exposure screen

With the new international vivo confirmation screen debut under fingerprint unlocking technology since , not only all speculative vivo Xplay7 will become the first Toyota technology of intelligent machines , but now there is still a suspected vivo official prototype video surfaced , shows us the future of Xplay7 has various characteristics .

Xplay 7原型机曝光 屏下指纹不输iPhone XQuebec ‘ s first departs from the model , the vivo 7 not only has similar Samsung GALAXY S8 of the full screen view of a curved shape , the edge of the display screen is a hyperboloid design , but also a nearly borderless visuals on screen is truly comprehensive .

Xplay 7原型机曝光 屏下指纹不输iPhone XMEXICO CITY – followed , under the screen fingerprint identification technology is adopt , so that pressing the display surface and can be easily unlocked , and the entire operation is quite cool . there is no iPhone X at certain conditions in order to identify the error , having high safety .

Xplay 7原型机曝光 屏下指纹不输iPhone XQuebec ‘ s in the back of the phone , this Xplay7 is extended past the traditional shapes , different sizes of the two lenses are arranged vertically , the lowermost is the circular flash , but the styling is a lack of originality , it is desirable that the official version of the time can be improved .

Xplay 7原型机曝光 屏下指纹不输iPhone XMEXICO CITY Xplay7 also has powerful waterproof performance , should be expected in the IP68 level , from the screen and the lower fingerprint unlocking of advanced technology , even in a drizzle is easily possible to complete the identification process . Based on the characteristics of the OLED screen , screen Xplay7 Breath normally result also very good .

Xplay 7原型机曝光 屏下指纹不输iPhone XMEXICO CITY vivo Xplay7 specifications temporarily did not have much information , but it would be possible to adopt the Samsung GALAXY S8 with subsection of the display screen , it is this series of centuries – old traditions . Camera Sony IMX401 rumor is a sensor for optical zoom , but how many pixels are unknown .

Xplay 7原型机曝光 屏下指纹不输iPhone XMEXICO CITY is the final processor , the past exposure of a so – called official PPT show episode Xiaolong 845 , but if the ride in next year ‘ s CES is merely publishing , not currently for sale , there is still a possibility .

Xplay 7原型机曝光 屏下指纹不输iPhone XMEXICO CITY , of course , the exposure of being merely a prototype made to showcase the future of the in vivo screen fingerprint features and design , so the final version of the year the CES2018 exhibition will reveal the answer , you may wish to be seen together .


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