The exposure picture of Nokia 9: All Screen+ Snapdragon 835

With Snapdragon 845 appears, an amount of flagship smartphones are coming that with this chip, such as Samsung Galaxy 9, MI 7 and so on. Even so, the flagship of Snapdragon 835 still has a main actor which hasn’t come to market. It is Nokia 9! Today Phone Arena exposed the pic of  Nokia 9. It continues hale design of Nokia 6 with dual camera on the front. It is black, so we can’t see the frame. But Phone Arena shows that the frame is narrow.

Nokia 9 packs an all screen wit the size of 18:9, Snapdragon 835, 6GB RAM, dual front-facing and rear camera( the back with wide angle and telephoto lens), Android 8.0 Oreo.

Phone Arena revealed the product would officially presented at the end of January next year.

In conclusion, Nokia 9 has great comprehensive strength though a little late to appear on the market. Due to S9 series are coming at the end of February, they may have head-on collision.


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