The Defense Department of Australia is Phasing out Huawei and Zte


On March 1, IT’s home. The Defense Department of Australia is phasing out two Chinese mobile phone manufacturers Huawei and Zte, because the United States warned that these phones might have safe hidden dangers. And it has confirmed to BusinessInsider that they are no longer using Huawei phones and are replacing Zte phones.

A Zte spokesman said that The Defense Department of Australia has a large number of old Zte phones, mainly for non-confidential voice and text services. Now the current Zte phone is out of order, it will be replaced by another non-confidential voice and SMS phone. The Defense Department of Australia conducted a risk assessment of these non-confidential voice and text messages, and finally, they concluded that these phones do not pose a security risk to the defense department.

IT’s home reported earlier this month, six intelligence officials including the director of CIA, FBI and NSA, testified that they don’t use of Huawei and Zte mobile phones, and also they do not recommend US citizens using Huawei and Zte products.


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