The Data Shows that iPhone X Stimulates the Desire and Speed of Chinese to Change their Phones


Morgan Stanley, working in the US investment bank, said that iPhone X not only was a big success in the Chinese market, but also brought new breakthrough. It speeds up the existing Apple users to upgrade their iPhone, and many Android users switches to iPhone.

On Thursday, the latest investment report from the analyst of Morgan Stanley has been shown that iphone X did a big success in Chinese market and sales growth increased faster than iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. While about half of the iPhone X buyers owned iphone7 or 7 Plus , which means the iPhone X has enough ability to stimulate Chinese consumers upgrade their iPhone, especially huge number of old iPhone owners. So that provides a potential market to sell more iphone X for Apple Inc.

After contrasting the data, Analyst Katy Huberty said the rate of switching phones from Android to iphone has been up from 6.7% in early October to 9.2% after iPhone X on sale.

From 2016 to 2017, Apple products showed signs of slow sales growth in China, making a lot of people doubt Apple’s sales strategy and product innovation. While in last quarter, sales of Apple products increased in China. In addition, many analysts expect sales growth of Apple products will continue to improve in China. Based on that, Apple’s stock is likely to remain strong next year, and it still will be Morgan Stanley’s preferred option for 2018.


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