The Appearance of NoBlue S6 Determines: the Processor is the Biggest Bright Spot


NoBlue S6 will be pushed out officially on January 17. Now the leaked photos of NoBlue S6 is shown on website. The screen size is 18:9. But due to the price, the whole screen ratio is not very good. Everything matches the price, RMB 1,299. 

NoBlue S6 have abandoned the trademark mBack and provide the side fingerprint key. It is equipped with a 5.7 -inch screen and battery capacity is 2930 mAh.

It is worth mentioning that the NoBlue S6 is different in the processor. It will use Samsung netcom Exynos7872 processor that is based on 14 nm process and six-core(two architecture – A73 core + four architecture (A53 core) design. And the CPU integrates netcom Cat.7 base band and owns Mail G71MP3 . The performance is good.


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