The 2017 third quarter global mobile phone sales list, Samsung is dominating, the fastest growth of millet

Third released the 2017 quarter of the global smart mobile phone sales report of the international research consultancy Gartner 4, Samsung still won the world’s largest intelligent mobile phone manufacturers, sales of 85 million 600 thousand units, market share of 22.3%, an increase of 19.3% compared with the same period last year, Samsung is separated for seven quarter once again hit a record two digit growth.

Samsung is dominating, and Apple’s growth is weak

Gartner believes that Samsung in the seven quarter of more than two digit growth is due to the Galaxy S8 / S8+ and Note 8 new mobile phone related sales force, especially in North America, Samsung flagship models become a major driving force of local growth.

One hundred and eleven thousand one hundred and eleven trillion and one hundred and eleven billion one hundred and eleven million one hundred and eleven thousand one hundred and eleven

Among the top five smartphone makers, only the growth rate of apple is a digit (5.7%), and the growth performance is weaker. Gartner said that Apple recovery and growth situation in the Chinese mainland, in India and many other emerging market sales figures is quite strong, but this is due to the factors of the old type iPhone continued to skyrocket, including in most of the market retail price of about $240 for the iPhone 5S.

But the Gartner research director Anshul Gupta said, Apple launched iPhone flagship new machine in the end of the third quarter of 2017, the smart mobile phone buying until the fourth quarter of 2017; in addition to launch a black Friday and Monday in the online shopping businesses (Cyber Monday) shopping discount after the holiday buying may continue to drive the intelligent mobile phone sales to the end of the year. So Gartner estimates that sales of smartphones in the fourth quarter will push up sales figures for 2017, with a full year sales expected to reach 1 billion 570 million.


Millet performance in this season, the strongest growth

Millet this season compared with the same period last year sales growth of nearly 80%, let it return to the world’s fifth largest position; but facing millet from HUAWEI, OPPO and vivo competition, so the main contribution to the growth of sources including India, Russia, Latin America overseas market, especially in India is the largest and the highest growth rate of millet in overseas market.

2017第三季全球手机销售榜出炉,三星称霸,小米增速最快The growth of the Greater China region has fallen sharply and the emerging Asia Pacific region has the highest growth

If the area is used as a unit of sales statistics, different information can be obtained.

Overall, in the third quarter of 2017, the most popular areas for smartphone sales were still in the Greater China region, with a sales volume of nearly 110 million units in a single season. However, compared with the same period last year, the sales in the Greater China region declined by 11%, which is the only recession in all the statistical markets all over the world.


Gartner believes that the sharp decline in the Greater China region, the reason is one of some local and less well-known brands to the whole and consumer preferences; another high-profile high intelligent mobile phone, also divide the local brand of low-cost smart mobile phone demand.

However, the emerging Asia Pacific and North America, in this season with 2 digit growth, especially in emerging Asia Pacific region the growth rate of 15% was the best, mainly by Samsung and HUAWEI contribution; and millet and vivo is successful in the area China outside the mainland to expand its territory. So despite the weakness in the Greater China, the overall smart phone shipments are still increasing compared with the same period last year.


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