TCL Communications Executive Vice President: Launch Two New Models of BlackBerry in China this Year


Currently, TCL has three major brands: Alcatel, TCL’s own mobile phone brand and BlackBerry.

TCL has been in a fast-declining pipeline for several years and has suffered heavy losses following a record peak of 83.55 million handsets shipped worldwide in 2015.

In addition to a sharp decline in performance, Changes in personnel in 2017 also hurt the veteran handset maker. However, Stefan STREIT, managing director of TCL communications worldwide, said he was confident TCL would do better in the future. According to Stefan STREIT, TCL adjusted its product portfolio to streamline its product line to better meet market demand last year. For example, the three series of Alcatel 5, 3 and 1, which were released on the MWC, adopted a full screen and the original design language. The product style became more unified.

At the beginning of this year, Li Dongsheng, who took over as CEO of TCL communications, made clear to the media that TCL will not give up its communications business and is absolutely confident that it will do well on CES. Li has done a lot of streamlining, making the decision and response more efficient, and bringing it to the management of international business.

On the other hand, BlackBerry, which announced its return to the Chinese market last year and launched BlackBerry KeyOne, the classic all-keyboard running android operating system. The BlackBerry KeyOne has attracted a lot of attention. Christian GATTI said that BlackBerry will be the main brand of TCL communication in China this year, featuring high-end business people. And two new products are expected to go on sale this year.

Meanwhile, TCL’s own brand will continue to launch new products, targeting young and fashionable people. The two brands correspond to different market segments, while Alcatel continues to focus on overseas markets.


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